An app to help communicate separated parents with their children

Since separated couples are not usually known for the number of daily conversations, something that can greatly affect their children, the company CapCasp You have thought of a more… digital solution.

Is about Mum & Dad (, a mobile application that has been having a large presence in the specialized media in recent weeks, an application that is not yet available, although there are already screenshots and videos showing its operation (they sent the first one for approval in iTunes a little over a week ago).

The idea of ​​this app is to allow fathers and mothers to publish from the mobile the moments they share with their children, be it with photos, videos or texts, even allowing them to have a calendar of activities, organized albums, classified events, etc.

From the application it is possible to register several children, fathers and mothers, thus allowing to have a private social network for this type of families.

Knowing what our son has done with our partner, having his life recorded privately and safely and not missing any event are things that can be solved without having to resort to technology, although on some occasions it seems that a mobile device manages to break the physical contact barriers.

Here is the demo video:

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