An application to create a personal diary with voice notes

There are many applications to improvise a personal journal. They allow you to create daily entries combining notes and multimedia content.

However, Journify’s proposal is different. The dynamic that he proposes is that we create a diary from voice notes.

So if you are one of those who start a journal and then leave because you are lazy to spend a few minutes writing about the day, you can try this system. You just have to play the app’s recorder and speak as if you were sending an audio from WhatsApp.

If something interrupts your audio, you don’t need to discard it or save it half-finished. You can pause it and follow it at another time. Then you will see that it works like almost any popular note application, with options to add title, additional descriptions and tags (up to 5 per voice note) to organize the content.

In addition, it has a small search engine to filter the notes by dates, tags and keywords. It also has some additional options for users to record more information about their day. For example, they can indicate how they felt on a certain day with sliders to mark their energy level, motivation, and sleep quality.

And if you are one of those who like to carry out evaluations on different aspects of your life, you will find one of the app’s proposals interesting: a test to measure your exhaustion. All you have to answer a series of questions about your lifestyle and the way you face different situations to give a score to your level of exhaustion.

Every time you take the test or complete the motivation, energy and sleep sections, it is recorded as part of the entry for the day. Journify is available for free, for both iOS and Android.

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