An Arduino based portable Enigma machine

An Arduino based portable Enigma machine

The Enigma machine is the grandmother of today’s encrypted connections. Now we can have her grimace.

The Enigma machine It was used by the German army during the WWII to communicate and receive orders and data in encrypted form so that the allies could not understand it even if they captured the communication.

Fortunately great minds of the era like that of Alan Turing They managed to break that security, but despite this, this machine always occupies an important place in history books and in the minds of fans.

An enigma machine in your wrist

This DIY project is processor based Arduino, so it is not very expensive, although assembling and configuring it can be complicated if this is the first similar project we get into, because many parts are unique and personalized.

It is not the first project that Arduino seeks to use to create an Enigma machine, but unlike the previous one that we published in Omicrono last year, in this case it is in a much smaller format and transportable on the wrist.

It is possible to program this Enigma machine with the three included buttons, and it has an OLED screen as a graphic interface. You can see the manufacturing process on the website of its creator.

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