An artificial dolphin to monitor the state of the pool water

Flipr is a French company created in 2016. Their main objective is to work with solutions for swimming pool maintenance, and they created a project that they presented at CES in Las Vegas in 2017.

With thousands of users in France, Spain and the United States, today we are introduced to Flipr Start, a device that allows us to monitor the status of the water in real time and save up to 27% in maintenance costs and supplies.

It is a small dolphin that is swimming through the pool, transmitting data to a mobile application, from where we can see various information and the historical record, being useful in swimming pools with disinfection methods with chlorine, bromine, salt and Spas.

They comment that it is 89% more reliable than analytical test strips, and offer their own advice created by professionals in the sector. Its objective is to allow to have clean water and adequate PH, thus avoiding that it generates digestives, legionellosis and / or also skin or visceral infections (without infections, but it is not good to go over with the disinfectant).

It is capable of performing up to 20 measurements a day, sending data to Android and iPhone, as discussed on From this app we can see pH, disinfectant, temperature and weather forecast.

Its price is 199 euros, but they also have a subscription plan to obtain more functions designed to reduce the cost of maintenance. This plan shows the exact dosages of maintenance products, optimal filtration time based on the amount of water, a mobile alert system, product storage level monitoring, and more. It can be used without subscription, getting the basic functions of pH, disinfection, temperature and climate.

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