An artificial intelligence draws random ponies and unicorns

Months ago we talked about an intelligence that created the faces of people that do not exist. He mixed eyes, mouths and real features to generate thousands of made-up faces, something useful for graphic design, since you don’t have to ask anyone for permission to use that material.

The fact is that now the thing has gone a bit further: An AI draws ponies and unicorns that look like they came out of the My Little Pony series.

This is the website This Pony Does Not Exist, where we can see a huge number of characters newly generated by a program made by the same mind that made (mixes between people and animals in the manga style).

The programmer, Arfa, built the system by training a generative confrontational network (GAN) using 104,000 images from Derpibooru, the world’s largest image board for My Little Pony artwork.

Arfa used the learning system and trained it for several days, expanding the resolution of the results and using 200,000 iterations to produce the final model.

He does not copy parts of existing illustrations and replicates them, but learns the parts of a pony and creates, just as a human would, although it is inevitable that many times they will resemble characters that do exist in the animated world.

The way AI works is always the same: a generator produces new images and a discriminator determines if they look genuine by comparing them with the original data set, eliminating what sounds very false and returning what is realistic.

Although it may seem silly, the application in the world of videogames or cartoons is enormous, to the point of creating personalized and unique experiences for each player.

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