An automatic playlist generator that rescues the music you have in common with friends

From time to time, new applications or web services appear that offer alternative music discovery or selection mechanisms to those provided directly by each music platform. music streaming.

A new tool offers the possibility of generating playlists automatically, combining the music you have in common with other friends.

An automatic generator of shared lists

In the market for streaming music services there are interesting options for sharing music. Spotify, for example, has had a mechanism for generating collaborative playlists for a long time.

Although tools of this type work quite well, they can produce clashes of taste if the musical preferences of the participants are not necessarily related. Between two people the problem may not be so serious, but if the exercise is done together with more people, the chances of this eventuality are greater.

As an alternative that seeks to facilitate the creation of musical selections that only rescue those songs that are of the common liking of a community, the Shared Spotify.

Although its name refers to the popular Swedish music distribution platform, this service can also work with Apple Music accounts.

The dynamics of operation of this service is very simple. Simply log in with an account from either of the two services mentioned and authorize Shared Spotify to access your music library. After that, you can generate a room to which you can invite as many friends as you want through a link.

Once all the invited people have been grouped together, the algorithm of this web application is in charge of analyzing the music of each music library involved, to discover what elements may have in common between the parties involved and to generate more than one playlist that thematically groups these. findings.

The playlists generated will appear within the Shared Spotify platform and it is up to each user participating in the room which playlists he chooses to import to his preferred music service.

The heart of this application is open source, its source being available through GitHub, both to report improvements, as well as for developers to bring their own derivatives to life.

Apart from browsers for computers, this service can be used without problems from mobile devices, instances in which you can also interact fluently with the respective apps of the aforementioned musical platforms, for logging in and importing lists.

This application joins the wide range of third-party services that add additional functions to streaming music services. Just to mention a few, in the last time we have talked about a platform that allows you to create radios based on your music collection, to explore the opposite side of your musical tastes, generate daily discovery lists, categorize saved music, vote on the music played in a group sessionand even a social network to discover music, among many other tools.

Sometimes we don’t share all the music we listen to. With this little application, we may be surprised if we manage to discover a hidden musical affinity with another close person. Shared Spotify is available only via the web, at

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