An electric bike with facial recognition and smart functions

What are you looking for on an electric bike? Greater autonomy? Resistance? More power? Those are the basics that should always count in our test when deciding on an electric bicycle.

What if you could get a lot more from an ebike? That's the vision of X One, an electric bike that combines technology and design to enhance the user experience.

At first glance it looks just like a bicycle with a futuristic style and an aerodynamic design, but it has many surprises that will improve your travel experience. Let's review some of its main characteristics.

Original and futuristic design

In X One we can see the style of Mathieu Rauzier, who always surprises with his designs. We have already seen his creations with one of his vintage style electric bicycle models under the RayvoltBike brand.

X One has impeccable aesthetics with a carbon fiber fork and the rest of the design is made of aluminum. Unlike other options that we have discussed, you will see that it is impossible to perceive where the battery hides or other elements typical of an electric bicycle.

Facial recognition

Can you imagine unlocking your bike as if it were a mobile phone? In X One it is possible thanks to the integration of facial recognition unlocking.

A simple and practical process that will avoid many headaches, and also allow other dynamics to be applied to the management of the bicycle's functions.

For example, the user can use facial recognition technology to activate the lighting of the bike by doing some head movements. And on the other hand, every time you unlock the system you can access your custom bike settings.

Smart features

As you see in the images and video, the user will be able to consult different data about the bicycle on the touch screen.

In addition, it combines a series of intelligent functions that minimize the amount of decisions that the user has to make on their trip and improves the management of the bicycle:

  • It has a sensor that detects ambient light and automatically adjusts the integrated lights of the bicycle.
  • Lets you use voice control.
  • It integrates a sensor that detects rises to better manage engine performance.
  • Different driving modes can be customized to suit the pace of the journey

Great autonomy and an energy recovery system

X One features hydraulic brakes and a novel energy recovery system. The user only has to press the brake from the handlebars or pedal backwards to activate this dynamic.

And an interesting detail that the user can take advantage of the descents in the field for this system to work automatically thanks to a gyroscopic sensor. A function that can be activated and deactivated at any time.

There are 3 different versions of X One that are basically based on two power levels and battery size.

For example, we can opt for a combination of 250 W electric motor with a speed of up to 32 km / hour and a removable battery of 441 Wh that reaches a range of up to 50 km.

Or a more powerful option with a 750 W motor promises to go up to 45 km / h and a 672 Wh battery offering a promise of a maximum of 75 km. And in terms of prices, they range from 2000 to 2200 dollars depending on the model.

You can see all the details of X One with its different versions on Indiegogo, since they are part of a campaign that has had impressive success.

If you want to know the latest trends in electric bicycles or the best offers that come out on the market, follow our WWWhatsnew account on Instagram that we will share all the news in this sector.

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