An electric motorcycle that promises to reach 330 km / h

It is not very beautiful, but the Voxan Wattman is filling the headlines of the specialized press with an impressive characteristic: 431 hp to reach 330 km / h of speed.

To be, without a doubt, the fastest electric motorcycle in the worldAlthough it cannot be driven by just anyone, Max Biaggi will be its pilot.

His diene is not made to reach the market and it is to set a record, that of speed in this type of vehicle. Its faired race reduces air resistance, and underneath it has some features also thought to reach over 300 km / h, such as a double triangle suspension instead of a front suspension fork.

It has no front brakes or parachutes, so its destiny in life will be to drive a huge straight to reach 330 km / h and sleep in the Guinness Book.

Its battery is 15.9 kWh capacity (similar to that of the Harley-Davidson LiveWire electric), and it is specially built to discharge in just a few minutes, delivering everything in a short time. They are 140 kg of battery, with that says everything.

Dry ice stored inside the vehicle is used to remove the heat generated.

Until now the record was 327 km / h with the Motibec, although 7 years ago it reached 350 with the Lightning Motorcycles LS-218 electric motorcycle (it was not officially registered, so it does not count).

Although the first attempt was now held in July, in the end it will be postponed until next year in Bolivia, so that with a year of time it is possible that surprises of all kinds will appear.

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