An IGTV to learn about apps and technology tricks

After a long time organizing the content and preparing the necessary resources to make a quality product, the IGTV channel is now available that can help you learn about new applications, see brief reviews of devices and learn tricks to be more productive with technology.

We talk about our channel on, where we already have videos showing photo editors, aspects of mobile phones that attract attention for something, tricks to know our connection speed, step by step to make custom avatars in android, comments news and compilations, video editor comparison, photo background clearing options, and much more.

A video will be published every day, and the corresponding lists will be created to classify the content well. At the moment we already have the Tutorials list and the apps list, and we are already preparing the reviews and events list (when they start to open the doors again).

The idea is not to replace our YouTube channel, which is already close to 100,000 subscribers, since in this channel we will continue to bet on more elaborate (and long) videos for a more technological audience. In our IGTV we target the general public, those who do not have a higher than average level of digital culture, but who want to save time with various tricks.



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