An urban mountain bike with 115 km of autonomy

When we talk about the electric bicycle as a means to be used in urban environments, we always think of a design that is suitable for traveling through the different routes that make up the road network of a city.

However, pXcycle, a company founded in 2013 and specialized in the development of components, engines, batteries and, more recently, its own line of electric bicycles, has decided to combine urban and mountain characteristics in its latest addition, resulting in a electric bike whose production has been being boosted through Indiegogo.

It is likely that when looking at the pXcycle you feel that it does not have a defined style in its design, and this is because this model concentrates attributes of different types of bikes.

In this sense, its rigid frame stands out, whose upper tube has been lowered to allow the process of raising and lowering the bicycle, making it a characteristic element of an urban bicycle.

Moving on to the pXcycle tires, these are thick, capable of performing effectively on off-road terrain, although designed to travel mainly on asphalt, also having mudguards, as well as front and rear loading platforms that are typical elements of electric gravel bikes.

Another aspect to highlight of this urban mountain bike is its fork, which is equipped with suspension, as well as the battery whose structure remains unrelated to the design of the frame.

Depending on their power, two of the 4 pXcycle models will be marketed as pedal-assisted bikes in Europe: the E-XC and E-XC +, which each have 250 W of power.

However, in the case of the E-XC, it has a 36 V and 10 Ah battery while the E-XC + has a 36 V and 13 Ah battery, giving both the ability to offer autonomy between 100 to 115 km.

Regarding the price of the pXcycle, it will have a value of 1,266 euros for the E-XC, this being its most basic version, and can be purchased through Indiegogo. Those who are interested in acquiring the E-XC + will be able to do so for a value of 1,519 euros.

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