Android apps approach the desktop with the arrival of the Play Store in Chrome OS

Screenshot of user InauspiciousPagan on Reddit

The ARC project (App Runtime for Chrome) gave much to talk about the last couple of years to allow Chrome OS to start having popular Android applications such as Duolingo, Vine and Evernote. Of course, the idea was to enable the corresponding tool soon so that any developer could make brief adjustments to adapt their Android apps and that they would work on Google's operating system -in the future, on Windows, Mac and Linux too-.

But in the last months it seemed that the project had been withdrawn because its details were not even mentioned, until now because they share in OMG! Chrome !, from a publication on Reddit, which is more alive than ever and that an important announcement may be approaching perhaps in Google I / O2016 (annual conference for developers): All Android apps arrive on Chrome OS with the incorporation of the Play Store in the system.

In effect, it would mean that millions of Android games and applications already present in the Google store will be within the immediate reach of all users of Chromebooks – probably the most recent models. The track is in a feature that suddenly appeared to some users in the Configuration Chrome OS, an option to enable compatibility with Android applications to run natively on the desktop.

This activation will display a window for accepting privacy terms to have the aforementioned desktop version of the Play Store, which would represent a milestone in the integration of the mobile and desktop world thanks to Google. Subtract waiting for Google I / O to know if so much happiness turns out to be true.

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