Android Auto programmers now have a new emulator for the computer

If you want to program applications for Android auto, now you can do it from an emulator that has just been presented. With this release the previous emulators are obsolete, although they will work for a while.

The Desktop Head Unit (DHU), announced on the android developer blog, is available at, a tool to help test the applications created by simulating the control panel we will have in cars.

To test the execution we only have to connect the phone via USB to the PC, from there the phone will behave as if it had been connected to the car, while on the PC we will see the panel of the upper image, the same one that we will have in the car.

For it to work it is important to have Lollipop or higher installed, with the app Android Auto installed. In the same article they report the steps that must be performed to install it, as well as the settings that must be made both on the PC and on the connected mobile phone.

In this online guide you can see the different functions it offers. There they indicate what can be emulated from the PC, making it ideal for carrying out all the necessary tests before putting applications into production.

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