Android N will support pressure sensitive screens

On April 13, Google released the second preview for Android N developers, with the availability of the new 3D rendering API Vulkan, the support for shortcuts in the applications to make it easier for launchers to perform actions faster , support for Unicode 9 Emojis, API changes and various bug fixes, the new features included in this new version.

From the list of new features, the support of shortcuts for launchers is striking, the definition of which is as follows: it allows developers to define the shortcuts that users can expose in the launcher to help them perform actions more quickly.The Verge sees in this definition a rather technical explanation of what users can currently do with iPhone 6s from its launcher, that is, have a context menu to access specific functions of the application itself.

With all this and based on the publication Phandroid has teamed up with Nova Launcher to test the new feature, highlighting that the activation method has more logic on pressure sensitive screens, The Verge has contacted Google to find out if this feature is related to the use of pressure sensitive screens.

The company's response has been in the affirmative, noting that Android device manufacturers have wished this feature to be available as standard on the operating system itself rather than each manufacturer developing their own method individually.

In this way, the doors are opened for future models of Android devices with pressure-sensitive screens to appear, it will only be a matter of time that manufacturers decide to do so, and therefore, support the new version of Android in new models that are launching on the market.

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