Android will have a new dynamic to free up space and save battery on the mobile

Android 12 will bring a function that will help you free up space and save battery without going through any configuration.

A function that will be implemented automatically so that apps that you do not use frequently do not consume resources on your mobile device.

This will happen with the apps that you do not use frequently on your Android mobile

We have already mentioned some of the new features that Android 12 brings to improve the user experience and improve the performance of the devices. Following this line, Xda Developers mentions a new dynamic to implement Android 12 so that apps do not consume unnecessary resources from the device.

As they have found by analyzing the APK of a beta of Android 12, the new version will include a function that will automatically put to hibernate those apps that have not been used for a long time on the mobile. Yes, those apps that you have not opened in the last months.

An option that will save space in the mobile storage, since the temporary files of the apps will be eliminated. And on the other hand, prevent them from consuming the mobile battery by working in the background, although the user is not aware of this process. And of course, notifications and any permissions that have been granted to the app are suspended.

It follows a system similar to the automatic revocation of permissions that was implemented with Android 11, which removes all permissions from apps that were not used for a certain time, but with a more complete dynamic.

So users will not have to go through the process of uninstalling apps, since Android will detect those that are not used frequently so that they do not represent a problem or consume mobile resources.

And how will the user know which apps have entered hibernation? Android will show this information in the Applications section in the mobile settings. In addition to finding the list of all the apps installed on the mobile, you will find a new category for those that you have not opened in the last 3 months.

For the moment, this is how the hibernation system proposed by Google with Android 12 would work, although it may change until it is implemented in the stable version.

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