Android will make it easy to open links using official applications

Google released a new preview of Android 12 loaded with news.

Android 12 Developer Preview 3 anticipates some features and dynamics that we will see shortly on our mobile devices. Among them, a new option that makes it easier to open web links in official apps.

Android 12 make it easy to open links without interruptions

This version brings an incredible variety of new features. In addition to the changes in the interface with a renewed design and animations, Android 12 brings a series of new dynamics that range from new permissions, codecs, animations, among other features. And one of them focuses on improving the user experience by simplifying the process of opening URLs in official applications.

When we want to open a link from the browser on our Android mobile, it asks us with which application we want to open it and the option to mark it as default. Although it is not a process that involves a lot of effort, Android improves this system even more with a new dynamic.

Starting with Android 12, a generic web intent can become an activity in your application only if your application is approved for the specific domain contained in that web intent. If your application is not approved for the domain, the web intent resolves to the user’s default browser application.

Android 12 will save the selection to the user when it detects that the URL corresponds to its official app, for example, Twitter. So open these links in their corresponding app without the need for any action by the user, since they will be marked as open by default from the mobile settings.

You will be able to go from the URL to the source without interruption, nor dialog box, since it automatically redirects you to the official application. Of course, it is an option that can be changed to suit our preferences.

So if you don’t want the links you open from the Google search engine to open directly to your Facebook or Twitter account, you can disable the default settings and mark your preferences.

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