Anonymous Camera arrives, an app for iOS that anonymizes people in photos and videos

In the midst of the situation of social protests that have been taking place in different parts of the world, Anonymous Camera now arrives, an application for iOS devices that allows you to eliminate all traces that allow people to be identified in photos and videos.

To do this, the application allows blurring, pixelation and blocking of faces or even entire bodies, the distortion of voices, and the elimination of the metadata inserted by mobile phones in the photos and videos that are captured with them.

The entire process is done in real time at the device level under its Artificial Intelligence technology, although it was originally intended for those captures in which few people appear, but given the current situation, the Playground AI team will improve the technology to be able to work better with captures in which crowds of people appear, which is where it currently fails.

And although it arrives at this time, the application has not been developed keeping the current protests in mind, since its main objective was aimed at helping investigative journalists, researchers and activists, although from Playground AI they understand that it could be used by more people, including ordinary citizens.

The application itself is free, although it offers integrated purchases that allow, on the one hand, to enable the Split Screen function, which allows hiding one part of the image while keeping the other, and on the other hand, it disables watermarks. .

Aaron Abentheuer, co-founder of Playground AI, points out during the first month, all proceeds from in-app purchases will be donated to the nonprofits Black Visions Collective and Unicorn Riot.

Regarding the version of Anonymous Camera for Android, it is not available at the moment, but the company is already working to launch it in the future.

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