Antbo, an insect robot that we can build ourselves

A campaign in indiegogo draws special attention in the category of learn to program and build robots.

This is AntBo, a robot that can be built piece by piece, as well as programmed using different systems, from Scratch, to specify movements and actions, to Arduino, for those who prefer to put their hands on the mass of electronics.

On its presentation page we can see some details about its operation. They present it as the ideal gift for children and teenagers, although the adult public can also have a good time discovering all the possibilities it offers. The robots created, which generally look like giant ants, can range from roaming mazes to fighting with other units, it all depends on how we use Screatch, arduino and the visual programming system of the WhenDo application.

In video it seems quite simple to use, although the fact of being integrated with various programming platforms increases its flexibility and complexity depending on the knowledge of the users.

The price of each unit is 69 dollars, but they only begin to be delivered in November of this year in case the campaign is successful. At the moment they are still far from achieving their objective, although they have many days ahead.

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