AppGrid is a great alternative to install programs on Ubuntu

AppGrid is a great alternative to install programs on Ubuntu

Being one of the most popular Linux distros that exist, it is normal for Ubuntu to receive a large number of applications, so Why is the Ubuntu Software Center not up to scratch? Since it was first introduced to replace package managers like Synaptic, it has not evolved much, and you just have to open it to realize that it could improve in appearance, functionality and speed.

Simple, direct and powerful

AppGrid is an alternative that is presented as the solution to these problems, presenting a grid-shaped interface in which the applications are arranged. We can divide them by their category or by the scores they have received, or only show those that are installed in our system. There is also a search box.

As we see, it is simpler than the Software Center, but in this case that is a good thing. There are no distractions here in the form of banners or sections for paid apps that annoy more than help, but simply it is a catalog of programs, more advanced than a package manager but not too much.

When we click on any program we see a large amount of related information, from screenshots to a description, through user comments; there is no lack of technical information and even links to the project’s web pages. Unfortunately AppGrid has a negative point to be unforgivable for many users: it’s not free code, and that is something very important for a program that is going to have control over what is installed in our system.

How to install it

If we can forgive it, to install AppGrid we just have to add the appropriate repositories with the following terminal commands. Or we simply download the package.

sudo add-apt-repository -y ppa: appgrid / stablesudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get install appgrid

Source | AppGrid on Launchpad | OMGUbuntu

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