Apple buys Spotsetter place recommendation social search engine

Apple has acquired Spotsetter, a search engine characterized by one of the best implementations of the big data, large volumes of data from hundreds of thousands of users, putting you to work efficiently in generating personalized recommendations of places to go. Of course, Apple stays with its technology and a good part of the human team that gave it life.

Spotsetter had applications for iOS and Android, and on both platforms its operation was clear: A combination of recommendations from friends, reviews of trust, information obtained through social networks (in particular, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Foursquare) and finally data from specialized platforms for local recommendations: Yelp, Zagat, The New York Times and Tripadvisor among thirty other places according to report on Techcrunch.

Of course, the final ingredient was to put all the results on colorful interactive maps with the appropriate markers of the recommended places, all with a minimal contribution from the user, since the most valuable part of the service was its technology, the algorithm that allowed to achieve such accurate results and Useful to the point of guessing what the user had in mind, and the strategy to get the referenced content, not only from a source as in the case of Foursquare, but from many more.

In short, most of the acquired technology will probably enrich future versions of the Apple Maps application, so it will be interesting to see how Google Maps responds to this new battle to stay with the world of search for places. By the way, the founders of Spotsetter in recent releases have shared the current desire to take their technology to a higher level by making it part of Google Glass, but since now all of them (the service and its founders) are part of Apple, perhaps the glasses move to second place and dedicate themselves wearables that Apple will develop and / or promote in the future.

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