Apple develops a special iPhone for security experts

Last year, the Apple team announced a new program for security experts who want to help the brand detect vulnerabilities. And as part of this program, Apple promised to give those selected a special iPhone for their research.

Following those plans, the deployment of these special devices has already begun with unprecedented access to the experts who qualified for the program.

What is special about this iPhone? It is not a model in development nor is it part of a product that is marketed in stores. On an iPhone that has special functions so that experts can work from the device and detect security problems.

Since it becomes a work tool, the iPhone will come with special software that allows you to work with different custom commands and special permissions. Of course, not having the level of permissions that Apple’s security team has.

In addition to the device, experts will also have access to documentation and other tools that Apple provides for their investigations. Anything that hackers find will have to be reported to Apple specialists so they can work on the vulnerability or request more information about it.

To participate in this program called Security Research Device, experts have to meet a series of requirements that are detailed on the Apple platform. And of course, to stay within the platform they must also follow certain protocols, since all the tools provided by Apple remain their property, and only for security investigation.

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