Apple expands interest-free financing with Apple Card to other products

Since this Monday, as the rumors of these last dates were pointing, the financing without interest has been expanded to the purchase of the rest of Apple’s technological products and their respective accessories and related products, leaving only Apple Watch watches, which are paid with Apple Cards.

To date, interest-free financing It was only available since last December for the acquisition of the company’s phones with Apple Cards, with a 24-month financing period.

For products that have just been added, the interest-free financing period will vary. In this sense, Apple includes Apple TV, HomePod and AirPods to finance itself for a period of six months without interest, while select eligible Macs, iPads, and accessories, such as displays, stands, keyboards, etc., can be paid for for a period of 12 months without interest.

For its part, the acquisition of the iPhone continues to be maintained with a 24-month financing without interest, although in an improved way compared to the initial program, which could have entailed the payment of some fees.

In addition, with each purchase made with the Apple Card, users will still get a 3% cash back, which they can use in their future purchases with Apple Pay or to send money to family and friends through iMessage, their messaging application.

This movement could translate to that in the future, Apple Cards will become more relevant, and will make it clear what the direction the company will take from now on.

As they point out in TechCrunch, there are those who hope that in the future, the company can offer the purchase of some of its products with an associated subscription, although for the moment the option that would allow having all the subscription services under a single fee remains up in the air. .

For now, Apple Cards remain only for residents of the United States who are of legal age. At the moment the dates for its arrival in other markets are unknown.

Image Credit: Apple

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