Apple Introduces AirTags, Its Long-awaited Object Tracking Device

Today is the day marked by Apple for the presentation of some new products and some more surprises, a presentation that differs considerably from what we were used to before the pandemic, opting for a previously recorded video, in which some of the locations of the company’s current facilities, including their elegant exteriors, and which, among other things, have officially unveiled the long-awaited AirTags.

AirTags are small tracking devices that users can attach to different physical objects to have them always locatable, and have it easier to find them in case of loss, thanks to the vast network of users that make up the ecosystem of the Find application. My.

AirTags, Apple’s entry into the object tracking segment

Apple tells us that AirTags are small and elegant, made of stainless steel and have a free personalized engraving on both sides, also having IP67 dust and water resistance for greater protection.

Inside it has the U1 chip that makes use of Ultra broadband technology to facilitate its location. We must know that Apple is one of the defending companies of this technology to the detriment of Bluetooth.

In addition, users of iPhone 11 and iPhone 12 phones will be able to activate the Search function with precision to locate more precisely and reliably the location of the AirTags, and therefore, of the objects to which they have been attached.

Users of other iPhone models can track the AirTags through Bluetooth, triggering the alarm in the application when the AirTags are out of range of the Bluetooth mobile network.

In any case, the AirTags have a small built-in loudspeaker that facilitates their location in case of loss by emitting a sound, although they can also make use of optical and visual signals to facilitate their location.

Apple notes that the operation of AirTags has been developed with privacy and security in mind, with end-to-end encryption of information between AirTags and the Find My network.

Pairing AirTags is very simple, where you just have to bring an AirTag close to an iPhone phone to automatically establish its link, and later users can rename it for better identification within the Find My application.

The AirTags will have a series of personalized accessories through which they can be attached to different types of objects. Apple points out that they will be available for sale on Friday, April 30, allowing the purchase of one unit or four units at $ 29 or $ 99 respectively.

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