Apple Maps shows COVID-19 health measurements at airports around the world

Apple Maps is being updated with essential information for those users who travel to different countries.

This new content aims to help users to be informed about the health measures for COVID-19 that are implemented in different airports around the world.

You can see the measures for COVID-19 in airports from the iPhone

If you are traveling abroad, you can consult in a very simple way the measures that are being taken at airports with respect to COVID-19. Information that you can consult before leaving for a trip or at any time from your iPhone or iPad, thanks to the latest Apple Maps update.

To see the information that is provided from the app, you only need to search for the airport and the location card will open with all the data on the COVID-19 measures that are in force at the time. For example, if the use of a mask is required, if there is a mandatory distance, and even if it is necessary to go through a medical examination, present some type of health certificate or quarantine before entering the country.

All updated data comes from the Airports Council International, covering some 300 airports. In this way, users can be prepared, beyond their own COVID-19 care measures, and will not be surprised when the plane lands.

This new information complements all the previous content that Apple added to the service, so that users have updated information when traveling through different regions, and even facilitate the location of vaccination sites.

While most of the information on COVID-19 focuses on the United States, this latest update adds data from airports around the world, including Spain and various points in Latin America. An update that will continue in progress, as more airports will be added in the future.

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