Apple receives patent to create selfies keeping distance

In the middle of the era where social isolation is being promoted as a method to curb the expansion of the outbreak of the new coronavirus, Apple receives the approval of a software patent, with the number 10,672,167, which generates what the company has called in qualify synthetic group selfies.

The name itself can already give a clue to what is described in the patent, although in a simple way it is a software system that allows several people to be together in the same photographic image without, in practice, they have posed together in front of the camera of an Apple mobile device, although the patent does not specify whether the device is a phone or a tablet, or both.

Being the system itself in which it is in charge of obtaining the image of the participating people through photos and videos, whether obtained live or saved locally, that they have been able to contribute, withdrawing the corresponding funds, to distribute them throughout the image itself, trying to find a result that is as realistic and balanced as possible.

The system is also open to the possibility that modifications can be made manually in the distribution of people, allowing there to be different versions of the same selfie if you want.

So that the composition can be carried out, software patent allows users to pre-send invitations to their contacts, which will have the possibility to accept or decline the invitation.

This patent, approved almost a week ago, was presented throughout the year 2018, when the global pandemic situation was only close in time through series and science fiction films.

That is, as we pointed out on other occasions, and we always have to emphasize in similar situations, the fact that Apple has received this patent does not mean that the company will intend to use it. In case of putting it into practice, it will not be precisely in the short term.

Perhaps Apple has wanted to get hold of the idea before it occurs to any app developer to bring it to life.

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