Apple unveils new version of its developer site

Apple's app store, as well as Google's, has reached a point where it is virtually impossible to stand out as a developer.

The competition is huge, users no longer try as many things as before, the recommendations do not have the same effect as a few years ago … solutions are needed to bring this market back to life, which has generated so much work in recent times.

At Apple they know that this app crisis is real, and they have now created a new version of their developer site with the aim of teaching techniques to increase the visibility of what we put there.

On the new website there are articles of all kinds, with tips on how to keep users with frequent updates, how to develop a valid business model, how to correctly upload an app in your app store … content that will be frequently expanded, as indicated in TC, where they also report that the new version of this site will be available starting today.

It is true that the situation can improve a lot with better apps, with smarter systems when it comes to updating and disseminating applications and with a search system that includes sponsored apps (similar to Google play), but even so, the problem continue: lots of content for tired users…

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