Apps to spy on your partner, haunted by Google

Google is modifying its security policies for the next few days and apps to spy on people are the most affected.

Starting next August 11, all tools that are used as spyware and surveillance technology will be affected by the Google update. These are 3 of the most used applications to track and spy on someone without their permission and the reason they will be banned.

Top dating spy apps that will be banned

In the update of the Google Ads Deceptive Behavior Promotion Policy, more specifically in the area of ​​surveillance technology and spyware advertising, the promotion of products and services that allow tracking or monitoring of the activities of another will be prohibited. person without your permission. The most used are:

OnLog: it is perhaps the tool that offers the most data related to a person’s activity on WhatsApp. Even if the contact has blocked the user, the user can know the exact time and for how many minutes they have been online. The app offers detailed statistics every day, another additional point that has made it famous.

WhatsDog: its use is quite simple, as it is based on notifying the user every time another person connects to WhatsApp. You can still find the apk file on the Internet.

WhatsAgent: It is also designed to send reports every time the other person connects to WhatsApp. And not satisfied with the above, it has an option to compare the connection time of two telephone numbers, so you can know if two people connect on WhatsApp at the same time. The free plan is only for 1 day. To date, in various app stores it already has more than 2 million downloads.

In the video that you will see below you will have more information about the aforementioned applications, as well as the risks they entail:

In addition to the above, it is also important to comment that the publication made by Google reveals that private investigation services will not be prohibited, nor will tools for parents to supervise their minor children.

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