Arduino Primo arrives: with Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC, infrared and more

Arduino Primo arrives: with Bluetooth, WiFi, NFC, infrared and more

A new development board arrives more connected than ever, this is the Arduino Primo.

You like the clutter, Or not, surely the name of Arduino sounds familiar to you. If you don’t know what it is, Arduino is the company behind the well-known hardware used by thousands of people around the world to all kinds of projects.

The Arduino boards They integrate micro-rollers and thanks to the development environment and its huge community of users they have an endless number of utilities. Arduino Primo, the last edition, but they have already revealed many of its details and, above all, it will come well connected.

Features of Arduino Primo

For the production of the new Arduino Primo board this time they have trusted the manufacturer Nordic Semiconductor,than being the one who puts the heart of these new development boards, a SoC in which the main novelties are found.

Exciting years await us with the rise of Internet of thingstherefore the connectivity is a must Today, everything indicates that Arduino Primoir is well served: use a SoCNordicnRF52832 that will delight Do It Yourself project makers.

Integrate WiFi connectivity, of course, but also connection Bluetooth Low Energy, that is to say, low consumption (also known as Bluetooth Smart) and it is very interesting that it also integrates NFC (Near Field Communication) so that you can connect other devices and authenticate profiles just by touching them.

To complete that combo you will also have sensors infrared and, of course, we will continue betting on him Arduino IntegratedDevelopment Environment, its IDEo development environment, which adapts both to newer users with basic knowledge of electronics, and to more advanced users who need Arduino for more complex projects.

We will bring you all the details of the Arduino Primo in the next few days, since it will be announced in the Maker Faire2016, but everything indicates that it will begin to sell in summer. Without a doubt, lovers of DIY projects and electronics will rub their hands with this new Arduino board and who knows how many uses they can give it.

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