Arqueras de Nand: The board game that teaches you basic notions of the SQL language

Previously, when someone wanted to start in the world of computer programming, it was necessary to wait until a certain age, so that the mind could be prepared to assimilate all the accumulation of information present in the learning process, whose curve, depending on the language to be used. studying, can be complex to overcome.

However, with the passage of time, tools have emerged that have allowed programming languages ​​to be taken to a level where they can be understood by everyone, even a child.

This is how Arqueras de Nand arises under this premise, a board game developed by Spaniards that is endowed with a fantastic setting whose purpose is to teach in a didactic way how real databases work.

For their financing, the creators have turned to the Kickstarter platform with the purpose of raising the money necessary for their production. So far it has exceeded 18,000 euros, much more than the 3,000 that had been set as an initial goal.

Its story takes place in the Nand Valley, which has been taken over by a savage horde of orcs, which can only be defeated by detachments of archers, but only if they can take advantage of the cliffs and make coordination with them possible. warriors, both goals achieved through the use of logical operators in SQL.

The creator of the game and professor at the University of Deusto with training in psychology and computer engineering, Pablo Garaizar, is a person who, through the Deusto LearningLab, works hard investigating aspects associated with technology and education.

This is how Garaizar points out that LearningLag is an initiative in which educational tools and apps for children have been developed for a long time, as well as workshops, through which thousands of them have been attended.

Although it would only be thanks to her children that she fixed her attention on board games, which made her propose to her boss to expand her repertoire of educational resources.

Game for all audiences and with copyleft

On the other hand, Garaizar indicated that in Arqueras de Nand it is possible to find two different games: one educational and another that can be accepted by all public when the educational approach is left aside.

Added to this, Garaizar expressed:

We have tested it in game fairs and people value it for its history and for how it is linked to the mechanics of the game, a statement to which the illustrations could also be added.

Another notable aspect of the game is its copyleft character, under which Garaizar established the advantage that it would represent for a school to make photocopies from a unit to allow its use in each class. Here is the PDF document.

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