Art and culture games organized by Google

Google has just presented 5 interactive games to make art and culture more accessible, and for this it has used its Arts & Culture platform, already well known throughout the world.

The games are very varied, all of them to help discover works, learn more about the culture of some regions of the world or simply to entertain yourself by painting:

  • What came first: Compare cultural moments in time. Which came first, the Statue of Liberty or the volleyball game? The faster we select the correct answer, the higher the score. And if we want to dig a little deeper into the history, we touch an item to reveal more information.
  • Puzzle Party: Solve art puzzles with family and friends. These collaborative puzzles are made for family and friends to solve together (or for you to play alone). There are more than 500 works of art, including Flowers by Andy Warhol, Girl with a Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermer and First Lady Michelle Obama by Amy Sherald. We can even choose from three different difficulty scenarios so everyone in the family can get to work.
  • Visual Crosswords:Learn more by matching artworks. As the saying goes, a picture is worth a thousand words. So we pondered the idea of ​​a crossword to create visual crosswords, which are solved with pictures instead of letters. We will find out where each work of art fits on the grid: is it Renaissance or modern? Van Gogh or Gaugin, or both? We will drag each one to the correct box and advance through levels of difficulty.
  • Cultural Crosswords: Learn through puzzles. Cultural crosswords are a fun way to explore art, history, or topics like African textiles or yoga poses. We tapped the squares on the grid to reveal the clue and complete its solution. Once we get the correct answer, we can click and find out more about it on Google Arts & Culture.
  • Art Coloring Book:Color the most famous works of art as you like. Sunflowers on a Gogh may be yellow, but ours don’t have to be. Coloring has always been a favorite activity for children, but it is becoming increasingly popular with adults seeking conscious downtime.

They are also adding a way to record videos with Art Projector, a tool that uses augmented reality to bring famous works of art wherever we are. We just have to click on the camera icon to start recording our opinions on the paintings, available now in the Android application Google Arts & Culture and soon on iOS.

The different games that are presented will be in, for now for android.

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