Artificial audience at soccer games, without people in times of pandemic

During these weeks football players will have to play without an audience, which makes the experience not the same. It is not the same to play at home than to play in the opposite field, since you need an audience that cheers to generate the necessary adrenaline. On the other hand, watching a game on TV where the players pass the ball in absolute silence is rare, very rare.

To be able to partially correct the problem, technology is being used: public of lies, but that screams anyway.

La Liga, in Spain, opened the issue with a match between Sevilla and Betis. The stadium was not crowded, but they had collaborated with EA Sports to channel the reactive noise from the crowd.

The audiovisual director of La Liga, Melcior Soler, commented that one of the objectives is to offer an entertainment television show, and they will do everything possible to remind people of what the public is used to seeing when stadiums are full.

That’s right, they’ve put up a fake crowd with recorded noises for their live matches.

This is not a CGI audience, or avatars in the stands, but there is a static texture in the stands to make it look like a crowd. Logically, if you look closely, it shows, but the idea is that the public concentrates on the game, not on the public. They don’t want empty seats to appear on TV.

The audio is also artificial, it does not resemble the reality where everyone shouts, chants and plays trumpets, but you always hear a background noise that changes in volume and emotion according to the action, even screaming like crazy when a goal is scored. .

An interesting way of using technology to lift spirits, although for many magic is dressed.

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