Artificial Intelligence has once again beat the law attorneys

Artificial Intelligence has once again beat the law attorneys

LawGeex, an Artificial Intelligence developed in Israel, 20 American lawyers with decades of work experience in this field have been confronted with the detection of risks in labor contracts and have won, to the surprise of the latter. The job of reviewing this type of contract, which corresponds to a legal advisor, is tedious, repetitive, mundane and strenuous. In essence, it has the perfect conditions to become automation meat. And so it has been.

It is not the first time that Artificial Intelligence defeats a lawyer on its own land (resolve legal issues). Previously, Case Crunch, an IA won with a 86.6% hit rate if the London Financial People’s Defender accepted certain claims or not, while Flesh and Bone attorneys matched with a 62.3% percentage. This does not mean that AI can replace traditional lawyers, far from it (at least for now), but rather it is a support.

AI once again ahead of lawyers

Noory Bechor, the lawyer who created this Artificial Intelligence, fed up with this type of work taking up 80% of his work time, created together with the Stanford University School of Law, the University of Duke and the University of Southern California this tool provided with a neural network able to summarize a contract in one hour and warn of possible risks, pitfalls, abusive clauses, omissions and other aspects of importance (which is to read the fine print, basically).

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Furthermore, it goes beyond the initial intentional sphere of this AI and is also able to review and suggest changes in legal policies, advise on individual employment contracts, or edit and create contracts following the policies and language of the company. It is ideal, therefore, for those companies that are looking for a low cost legal advisor (even if it is not physical) or for those that need to improve productivity.

The case detailed in the study is that 5 nondisclosure agreements (NDA) were exposed to 20 human attorneys to identify 30 legal issues, including arbitration, relationship confidentiality, and compensation in just 4 hours. Each of them would later be rated for the precision with which they identified each issue.

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On average, obtained an accuracy of 85%. This Artificial Intelligence, faced with the same questions, obtained a score of 92%. Also, while The lawyers took this task 92 minutes., AI performed this same task in just 26 minutes, so I didn’t need even a third of the time it took a human. That is, better and in less time, the dream of any businessman.

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