Artificial Intelligence that creates new and realistic images simply by looking at examples

Jaakko Lehtinen is an associate professor of computer science at Aalto University, and works as a research scientist at NVIDIA. He has been responsible for an article that talks about how Artificial Intelligence is able to create new and realistic images simply by looking at examples, a method that does in seconds what a few years ago it took days or weeks to a qualified professional.

It is a system that is capable of creating content by observing a large collection of images, without human intervention, generating new images that show the same laws and rules of the studied material.

Together with other NVIDIA professionals they have created images of non-existent faces that look real, something similar to what we saw in this collection of faces generated by Artificial Intelligence. They are now working on New Portrait in Adobe Photoshop, so users all over the world can use the system to easily change the look, smile, or even age of real faces.

That is to say, this technology not only helps to create fake faces, it helps to put a smile on a real face, or to change the expression of an actor in a movie.

On the future of this technology, Jaakko comments:

[…] a robot needs a really solid idea of ​​what all kinds of different homes and offices are like. These techniques may finally help them deal with all that complexity.

That is, it seems there is no limit, as long as a sufficient amount of content is taught to the robot.

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