Artificial leather capable of displaying information with lights

Image: University of Tokyo

The world of wearables is just beginning, there are many possibilities in this sector, and they can be multiplied thanks to the material they have presented in an article on

It is a material so flexible and fine that we could define it as an artificial skin, capable of sticking to our bodies and emitting programmed information through embedded lights. In reality they are organic light emitting polymer diodes (PLED), small sheets that emit light with really little consumption, being possible to do it in three colors: red, green and blue. If struck by electrical pulses, these lights can be turned on and off, mimicking the pixels of a normal screen.

This type of material had already been presented a few years ago, but it could not last long when left exposed to air. Now, at the University of Tokyo, they have managed to overcome this problem with a thin layer of protection that manages to keep both oxygen and water vapor away, according to The Verge.

This PLED film also produces less heat and consumes much less energy than those previously presented, and in the tests carried out it has been shown how it is possible to have a device stuck to the skin delivering data for four days exposed to air.

Of course, we are still far from being able to say that we have already invented the electronic skin, but it is a great step to have a version that can be sold in the relatively near future.

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