Attach Dropbox files to Gmail with its new extension

Attach Dropbox files to Gmail with its new extension

If we want to attach files saved in Drive in an email written in Gmail, we have it easy. Now it is also important to attach Dropbox files in Gmail thanks to a new extension.

Nowadays, with the popularization of the cloud, fewer and fewer people have their files stored in the memory of their device, so it makes sense that email attachments also come from the cloud. The bad thing is Google only supports its own service, Drive. That ends today with the arrival of a browser extension. Chrome that allows us connect with our Dropbox account. Thanks to this we can share our files more easily.

How to attach Dropbox files in Gmail

The operation is very simple. We just have to install the official extension of the Chrome Web Store and load Gmail. When we go to write a new email we will notice that in the toolbar we have a new button with the Dropbox icon.

When we want to insert a link to a file saved in our account, we only have to press the button and a menu will open in which we can browse our cloud storage.

When we choose the file, it will be embedded in the mail and the sender can open it, as long as he has the permissions for it, of course. That is the main weak point of the extension, which does not warn you if you are sharing a private file.

When you share a private file with Drive, the application itself warns you that the recipient will not be able to see it and offers you the possibility to change the permissions. However, this Dropbox extension is still in beta, so it is possible that this functionality will come in the future.

Dropbox for Gmail in the Chrome Web Store

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