AudioMass: a simple web-based audio editor

If we need to edit any audio track on time, and we don’t feel like looking for applications for our desktop or mobile device, AudioMass It is an interesting solution to consider to carry out these adjustments in a simple way and with practically no learning curves.

It’s about a simple web-based audio editor, which is also very light, approximately 65kb, developed in Vanilla JS and free to use, without the need for user accounts, and whose source code is available on GitHub, which will allow us to import our audio tracks, both from our local units as from the web, to make all those basic improvements that we need to make.

For it, we will count the most basic functions such as selecting, cutting, pasting, and inserting silences, and it will even allow us to make audio recordings using the microphone of our devices.

AudioMass offer us our audio tracks in one simple full screen interface, from which it also makes it easier for us to move through them in a simple way to find the points where to make the adjustments, although in addition to adjustments, we can also apply different effects to the parts that we have selected.

In this way, we have a variety of effects, including from fade-ins and fade-outs, to distortions, compressions, delays and reverberations, among others, where each effect show its own window with a series of settings to make modifications before carrying out its application, as we say, in the parts that we have marked of our tracks.

When we can finish the edits we need, we only have to export our edited audio tracks in mp3 or wav format to our equipment or devices, being able to choose to download the selected parts, or all of our audio tracks.

While there are excellent audio editors, at one point, and for the basics, we can always turn to AudioMass, which even we can use without connection, not dependent on any back end to be able to function.

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