Autodesk Tinkerplay allows kids to design and 3D print their toys

Autodesk Tinkerplay allows kids to design and 3D print their toys

3D printers are a good way to unleash our creativity. And who needs more of that? Young people, of course, which is why Autodesk Tinkerplay allows children to design their toys.

This new free app for iOS, Android, Windows Phone and Windows is calledAutodesk Tinkerplay, and allows to create three-dimensional models and send them to a 3D printer.

While Autodesk programs like AutoCAD They are usually designed for professional users who need more power, menus and options than it is humanly possible to remember, in this case we are dealing with a smaller version so that children can create their peculiar character without having to take a career.

3D printing reaches everyone with Autodesk Tinkerplay

On the other hand, you may wonder if 3D printing really is so popular that it is already available to humans who cannot read its instruction manual, but Autodesk clearly sees the potential in this technology.

Also, it is not as if the app is limited to children; The older ones can also move pieces, fit them together, and change the pose of the character before sending it to the 3D printer. To start there are templates that already have everything done, but if we dare we can create our own pieces with its texture and shape and create authentic waste.

In the end, Tinkerplay is a curiosity for the elderly and an interesting game for the little ones that will probably make them interested in other aspects of design, or at least that’s what Autodesk intends.

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Download Tinkerplat for Android

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