AutoZen, an interesting application for when you are driving

AutoZen is one of the latest solutions to increase safety behind the wheel. We have tested it and that is why we bring all the information to use it.

This is an app that has been designed and developed to make things as easy as possible for you regarding the use of various applications for when you are behind the wheel driving. With functionality somewhat similar to that of Android Auto, AutoZen turn your smartphone into a kind of dashboard, which you can be watching without taking your eyes off the road. Here you will see how it works.

AutoZen, the Android app to prevent you from being distracted while driving

Through voice commands, the same app will allow you to access both multimedia applications such as Calls, WhatsApp and Telegram, to respond to messages that come to you through your own voice.

Spotify, Deezer, Google Play Music, YouTube Music and some other music services are compatible with the app, not to mention that the app also has a pretty good autoconfiguration option to notify anyone who writes that, at that moment you find yourself driving.

Google Maps is also included so you can guide yourself through possibly the most famous GPS application in the world. In addition, AutoZen thought about putting the options and applications as such in a larger size than normal, which serves so that it is not so complicated to handle and operate them, since obviously you will have to press on the screen while we are behind the wheel.

In itself, this application is free to download, available to install from Google Play. However, to have some more advanced options, you can resort to paying three different types of subscriptions: the semester membership has a price of 3.59 euros, the annual 5.99 and there is a special for life for 17.99. Here is the link from the Play Store:

AutoZen: download for Android

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