Background noise cancellation comes to Google Meet (children, dogs, traffic …)

There are many video conferencing systems on the market, which is why a great novelty in one of them can swing the scales significantly.

Now it is Google Meet that moves the tab, with a function that eliminates the background noise coming from the microphone.

Google announced a noise cancellation feature for Meet in April, and now it’s rolling it out to users.

It is a technology that has been in development since 2018, with Artificial Intelligence systems trained so that they know what is noise and what is not. They have trained him with internal meeting recordings and YouTube videos to understand which sounds should be canceled.

Unwanted noises in the background, such as screaming children or barking dogs, are the biggest enemies of a good video conference, and with this function we can forget about it.

At the moment I am still taking the first steps. You can eliminate the noise of children playing in the same room, but if a child speaks clearly during the meeting, the system will not know whether it is background noise or not, so it will appear during the talk.

Breathing and coughing will not be filtered initially, to prevent the experience from being unnatural, but as everything is being tested, it may be done in the future.

On the other hand, sounds that are very close to the mic, such as keystrokes or music, cannot be eliminated either.

In the video above you have an example of how it works.

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