Basic Internet manual in comic format

Ivn Lasso, from, has been explaining various computer-related issues for 12 years, always in comic format, which makes it easier to understand some concepts that require a medium or high level of digital culture.

He tells me that these comics are aimed at facilitating the acquisition of the skills and knowledge necessary to make effective, appropriate and satisfactory use of ICT, and that he is now preparing a new comic in two volumes: the Basic Internet Manual, where we explain what the Internet is, how it works, and how to use it safely.

To make the project a reality, he has opened a crowdfunding campaign on, where he requests 3,000 euros to be able to create and distribute the material.

The result brings together in a single site the necessary knowledge to make effective, efficient and safe use of the Internet, and aims to be an open educational resource with a Creative Commons license, which allows content to be shared at no cost.

The patrons, yes, they will receive it first, but three months later it will be released for everyone, thus helping teachers and students from Spain and Latin America to reduce the digital divide with quality content.

On the project website (click here) you have the details indicating how the money obtained will be invested, as well as some examples of what we can find in the resulting comic.

A good way to contribute to make knowledge more accessible.

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