beamium, a great way to present PDFs on the Internet

If you need to make a presentation on the Internet, and you have a PDF document that needs to be shown to the world, beamium can help you with a very practical solution.

It is a website where we can upload our PDF without creating an account or registering in any way. Once the file is uploaded, it will show us a unique secret code that we will have to send to those who want to see the content.

When someone enters and reports the unique code of the presentation, they will see the PDF hanging there, and every time the presenter moves through the pages, visitors will also see this movement, thus guaranteeing that they are always consulting the same presentation area.

Beamium allows you to browse the thumbnails of the presentation, use a laser pointer, zoom, send a unique link for new visitors and register to keep the presentation in our account for more than 14 days, since, otherwise, in that term will delete previously submitted content.

It is not the only solution we have to make presentations on the Internet, already in 2013 we told you about 6 excellent alternatives to powerpoint and in 2014 we touched on the subject again, but it is one of the most practical.

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