Bedtime VR Stories, to unite parents and children in virtual stories before bed

Image: Video of the initiative

Bedtime VR Stories is Samsung's new initiative based on virtual reality with the aim of keeping parents in contact with their minor children, especially in those cases where due to various circumstances they cannot be physically together when these minors have their bedtime.

In this way, both parents and children can dive together and interact within the fantastic stories that Samsung has in store for them.Obviously, both must have their corresponding virtual reality headsets, enabling the application of this initiative to create an immersive virtual environment in which both parents and children can enjoy and share together.

Since Samsung does not intend to replace the stories that parents tell their minors before they go to sleep, it is a solution especially focused on those parents who cannot be with their minor children when they have to go to bed to sleep taking advantage of the new technological capabilities, and by the way, make possible new uses for your Gear VR virtual reality headsets.

At the moment Bedtime VR Stories is not publicly available but those interested can leave their email addresses in order to be notified as the application of this initiative is available.

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