Best Telegram bots to test and get the most out of the app

Telegram is one of the instant messaging applications most important of recent times, this thanks to its privacy and security policies, which we have already commented here several times in detail.

Now we want to highlight one of the greatest virtues of the app, and this is the bots, who allow Telegram to be more than a messaging app and stand out in other areas, turning it into a multipurpose tool.

For users who are not clear about what these mentioned bots are about, we clarify that they actually turn out to be automated third-party applications, which do not need to be downloaded to use, since they are integrated into the app as if they were a real person, with whom we have our own chat.

Now, the truth is that there are lots of bots, but this time we will be presenting you with a varied list of the best / most prominent bots of today, so let’s go for it.


An interesting bot for those who usually do searches or purchases on Amazon, since it facilitates the task of looking for a specific type of product. When you enter the name of the object you are looking for, it will present the different options that there is so much in, as in the own Amazon of your country, in addition to that there will also be a comparison of prices and information.


Do you need a translator that is trustworthy, super simple and that is a bot within Telegram? Without a doubt @YTranslateBot is your best option, and is that as it is done with any translator, it must be written in our native language and then see the result in another.

Well, the translations made by this bot are its strong suit, since they are usually quite correct. First click on / setmylang to choose the language in which you will write, and then select / tolang to set the language in which you want the translation.


Bot merged with the official search engine of the Royal Academy of the Spanish language, which lets us see that it is an aid that It will help us to find the complete definition of any word, and everything within the app. The best thing about this bot is that it is inline, which means that you can put @RAEBot in the conversation you have and then put the word that interests you.


If you are one of those who like to be listening to music at all times but you do not have any song downloaded on your mobile, there is no better ally for you within Telegram than @vkmusic_bot. You can search for the songs of your best artists and all the options listed will be displayed, so that you can then click on the number of the work you want to listen to and that’s it, to enjoy.


@AndyRobot is Telegram’s own English robot, who will be teaching us to chat and hold a conversation almost unconsciously, which should be the goal when learning any language, that is, to speak it naturally and fluently. If you talk to Andy often and with a willingness to learn, it will be a matter of little time to notice the results.


Finally we present @MiTrackingBot, a bot that turns out to be very useful if at any time you are ordering online, since it is used to keep track of most of orders that are being sent to you by a courier agency. You only need to enter the tracking number and this bot will track it, giving you information every time there is news about the package.

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