Billionhands, the discount platform for clients and entrepreneurs

There is a platform dedicated to giving a showcase to more than 25,000 small companies, through a constantly updated virtual market, with a powerful national reach and an international perspective.

This is Billionhands, an application dedicated to connecting businesses and customers through their community, which seeks to empower them about their commercial activity by giving them a space in its application, which operates as a search engine for offers and discounts among millions of products and services. offered by both physical and virtual stores.

A great opportunity to advertise your business

Advertising on Billionhands is free for business. However, as a condition, the registered companies are requested that the published products or services be offered at a discount for the community of users of the platform.

Being within the Billionhands catalog, your business will be exposed to a greater flow of traffic thanks to its permanent presence in a new online sales channel. Along with contributing to the digitization of SMEs, in the process the sustainability of a business is promoted, thanks to the engagement that consumers are provoked by the offer of an exclusive discount.

Thanks to the visibility provided by this model, customer loyalty and self-management of ventures are enhanced, who will always maintain control over the offers they publish and the stock they have.

New benefits for users

With Billionhands, consumers will be able to have access to a constantly updated catalog with products and services subject to discounts that are offered around them, traceable through geolocation and verifiable through the feedback that the community shares by reviewing the products and the purchase process. through your platform.

In Billionhands you can find ads of all kinds, from those published by large electronic stores and recognized brands, to local businesses and independent services.

It is up to the consumer to decide if his transaction is made through the Internet or in person, visiting the store. The entire process is done transparently and without intermediaries.

Having access to a portal with the characteristics of Billionhands, gives billions, their users, the possibility of increasing their purchasing power, having a powerful consultation site that can be used as a tool to compare prices and collect all the details needed to make a smart and informed purchase.

The billioners community is characterized by its plurality and its collaborative nature. Given the transversality of the scope of its proposal and the ease of access to its platform, which for users is also totally free.

You can also close deals between individuals

The pluralistic nature of the advertisements published through Billionhands lies in the fact that no distinction is made between the origin of the advertisers.

In addition to businesses of all types and sizes, billionaires can also offer their own non-professional services, such as language or music classes, and can even sell second-hand items outright.

For users, this constitutes greater purchase opportunities, by increasing the available supply.

For advertisers, in addition to supplying an additional source of income, this is an opportunity to compete as equals with other types of businesses, adding value to their proposal.

How does it work?

We just have to enter their website, or download their applications, and browse the offers.

In the case of apps, we have, on the one hand, a prominent offers search engine:

With the possibility of finding products of various categories

and make filters to find the biggest discounts, those that are located in a specific region or those that have a price between the margin that we decide.

From the app it is also possible to publish our own ads.

Make Billionhands your solution to sell, buy and get discounts

For all the above, this is the quintessential solution to connect local business with new, old and potential customers. Billionhands is the global search engine that puts in your hands a free and organized virtual showcase, with millions of discounts on products and services.

A year after seeing the light and with a positive experience during these months of pandemic, the formula behind Billionhands is fulfilling its purpose of empowering and uniting consumers, businesses and independent professionals.

If you want to live a new shopping experience, making use of an agile search engine, easy to use, free and with access to interesting offers, the call is for you to join the growing community of billioners, motivated by making conscious purchases, based on access to information that allows better decisions to be made.

You can download Billionhands for Android, iOS or visit its search engine on the web, available from

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