Bing app for iOS adds searches from images

The official application of the Microsoft search engine, Bing, has received a brand new update in iOS that allows you to have the mobile camera to point to objects and make instant queries from the captured photos. In fact, it not only works with immediate captures, it also works with those housed in the mobile's galley.

The idea is to be able to use the image instead of words to enrich and optimize the results of the queries in such a way that its disaggregation reaches the point of making it possible to search for content related to specific objects within the photos. For this last, the app will display a clipping interface to focus the query on what is marked.

The magic, of course, is in the image recognition technology in which Microsoft works to deal with what is already available and offered by Google and other search engines that occupy the reverse image searchor search for images from images -by the way, we have already talked about several of these options-, but as they comment on Venture Beat, in mobile there are not many options, and the few are not updated -case of Google Goggles-.

Anyway, the new function is at hand as of today, unfortunately, it still will not appear for the Bing apps for Android and Windows Phone.

Link: Bing on the App Store

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