Bitwarden Send, what’s new in this alternative to LastPass for sharing confidential data

Recent news about the popular LastPass password manager, that is, the limitation of the service to a single device in free accounts, as well as the discovery of up to seven trackers integrated into its application, which even send user data to third parties, has meant that many of its users have had to look for alternatives to migrate to them, where Bitwarden has positioned itself as one of the most consolidated and reliable alternatives on the market.

And if someone is still thinking about opening an account, now comes one more reason than to tip the balance in favor of Bitwarden, since this password management service has just launched Bitwarden Send, its new solution with which users can share confidential texts and files, with the main advantage that the recipients of the shared confidential content will not be obliged to be clients of this service.

Integrated in all Bitwarden clients

Bitwarden Send is, as they point out on their website: a reliable way to share information securely directly with anyone, having a series of capabilities both in free accounts and in existing paid accounts for both private users and business organizations. , integrating in all the clients of the service, among which are the web browser extensions.

In this regard, users will be able to share any type of information they choose to share in a secure way, with strong end-to-end encryption, being able to even set expiration dates and times and / or password protection, maximum number of accesses, among other rules, in your shipments, and whose recipients will simply receive a link that they must use according to the established rules.

Clarify that free accounts can only share text-based content, while paid accounts also allow sharing files of up to 100MB each, being the main difference.

With the launch of Bitwarden Send today for all users, this password manager adds a differential element with respect to the existing features in other password management services, although it will already be a matter for users to analyze whether they need to use it. or the time has not come to share any data that is confidential in nature, and do not refrain from using messaging platforms, e-mail services or other facilities in your power.

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