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Learning languages ​​is not easy, it requires time, discipline, technique, practice It is no secret, the best way to learn a language is to be in direct contact with someone who speaks it, and in Blabling they present an interesting solution in this regard.

It is a platform that allows us to practice languages ​​by videoconference, from home, without having to go to any school. They currently offer Spanish and English, and their main objective is to merge fun and learning by connecting users who want to learn a language with native speakers to practice conversation.

Blabling has two different prices: one for any user, who pay a price of 19.95 euros per hour, and another for members, who pay five euros less per hour. Being a member only costs 1 euro per month, so the advantage is obvious.

Members can also share sessions on the bulletin board, so it is possible to share the same time with another person, thus paying considerably less: 9.95 euros an hour.

If you are interested in the idea, take advantage of a discount coupon that they have created exclusively for WWWhatsnew readers that will be available until this Friday. You only have to inform the NEW coupon to get a 25% discount, both for those who decide to pay the membership fee and those who only want to try the service.

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