Blackberry Assistant fights Siri, Google Now and Cortana with features for professionals

Blackberry Assistant fights Siri, Google Now and Cortana with features for professionals

Siri, Google Now, and more recently, Cortana. The era of personal assistants is here to stay, and a mobile system that doesn’t have one is clearly lagging behind the rest. So Blackberry was in quite a hurry to launch its own, despite the delicate situation in which it finds itself; It could be debated if it is a meaningful investment, or if it would be better to spend the money on something else, but what is done is done: Blackberry already has its own personal assistant. And, in a display of originality, it’s called the Blackberry Assistant. Designed for Blackberry OS 10.3 (available later this year), the company hopes to catch up on a sector that has only given it bad news in recent years.

Assistant for users who need it most

Blackberry Assistant does what we might expect. We can send you voice orders to open applications, send messages, make calls and much more; also include Somewhat more complex orders such as searching within our emails and calendars, or we can even ask you about current topics on Twitter and dictate tweets. It is obvious that he has taken note of other assistants, and he is not limited to what he can do on the device but also connects to the Internet to obtain the information we need.

Without a doubt, the most interesting part of Blackberry Assistant is its integration with the company’s apps, such as email. For example, sIf we are driving and receive an important email, we can ask you to read it to us, and then mark it as unread to be able to review it more calmly when we stop. These types of functions dedicated to professional users have always been Blackberry’s strong point, and the marketing department should focus on them when promoting the new program. We do not know yet which devices will be compatible with Blackberry OS 10.3 and therefore with Assistant, but if they are a good number it can serve to increase interest in their models.

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