Blogger finally deploys its new web interface based on Material Design

There was a time when social networks were not strong enough as they are now, and to have a space on the web to show thoughts, share poems, comment on current events, show their own artistic creations or simply make first steps in The blogosphere, among other possibilities, was synonymous with creating an account on Blogger, the blog creation and management platform owned by Google since 2003.

Blogger has been neglected in recent times, and with it, options such as have been advancing, offering better features under a more current user interface, although there has also been the appearance of blogging platforms with minimalist design, as is the case with Medium, also frequently used today.

But luckily, Google has recently rescued its blogging platform from oblivion, having started last October (2019) with the update of the Blogger mobile application for Android, receiving a more than necessary renovation, incorporating the interface based on Material Design, Google’s visual guide for applications and websites.

Now they take another step in their recovery with the gradual rollout of the new web version based on Material Design, currently arriving in Test phase to become the default interface for the end of this month of June, although Google promises to continue maintaining the old interface for those who want it … although over time, it will be eliminating it, as it has always done with the update of the interface of its services.

Google has already advanced that this moment will come through a publication launched just a few weeks ago, having gone unnoticed before the public option.

In it, the improved web experience not only brought an improved interface, offering more space between the elements and gaining adaptability to different screen sizes, but also receives specifically six specific updates.

These updates are the redesign of the statistics page to show the most relevant data, the new comments page to connect with readers more easily, the improvement of the support of search operators to better filter the publications themselves and the search results.

The improved post editor now makes it easier to load media, integrates support for tables and allows better transliteration, improves the reading list page, to access other creators’ posts, and finally the Settings page is simplified.

Those who want to access the new interface, will find a button in the left sidebar that says Try the new Blogger, and by pressing, comes the magic in the form of a new interface.

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