Bobbypin, to keep track of favorite places through the maps

Bobbypin is a new service in which users can create and share different maps in which they will keep track of their favorite places.

Unlike Mapstr, Bobbypin also allows its use through web browsers, both desktop and mobile, and even has its own native mobile application for iOS. To make use of Bobbypin, users can register using the traditional method or take advantage of their Facebook credentials, if they have one, to save time. In any case, they will already have a free user account that will allow them to start using the service.

According to Avi Millman, CEO and founder of the platform, Bobbypin's long-term mission is that none of the people have to read long and complicated opinions over and over again by creating an easier way to get suggestion from from your friends. These statements have been made today within the ProductHunt community, where he adds that users currently already receive recommendations from friends by email, text messages or through Facebook, and even by word of mouth.

With Bobbypin you want to get users to fix their favorite places on the maps they can create, which they can easily share with other users of the platform, and even through the main social networks and through other channels. Each map has its own public URL, which allows it to be accessible by any other user, whether they are registered on the platform or not. In addition, users can also track other users, save maps created by others in their accounts, and even take specific places pinned by other maps to their own.

In any case, to each fixed place you can add a note or suggestion, and add an image of it. Additional information will also be added, which will be obtained through Google about the same place.

Millman indicates that currently you cannot add content to the maps through the mobile web browser, although it is possible to do it through its native app for iOS such as the desktop web version.

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