Botlytics, new analytics service for chatbots

Telegram, Skype, Kik, Line … there are many electronic messaging services that are adopting the use of chatbots in their services in recent times to allow users new interaction options that allow them, for example, from the consultation of aspects such as meteorological information or traffic status up to the reservation of trips in car services such as Uber or restaurants, among other possibilities.

It should also be noted that the boom in chatbots is taking place at the moment coincides with the increasing use that is being given to electronic messaging services to the detriment of both the use of social networks and the installation of applications on devices. mobile, as various studies indicate.In this sense, this past weekend Botlytics has been developing, a simple analytics service for chatbots that today sees the light of day as a way for developers to monitor their chatbots available on different electronic messaging platforms.

They will only have to add a simple line of codes to the back end of their chatbots to enable them to control both the number of messages they send and receive and the types of conversations they are having with users.

In this way, they will be able to check the performance of their own chatbots by seeing the type of answers they offer and find out the possible problems that may arise when having to offer their answers, among other aspects. Botlytics is currently available for free, although at some point its developer will launch payment plans.

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